Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jenny Holzer

When I woke up this morning I immediatly had to think about a work of Jenny Holzer at Times Square. The reason for this is not that I am a fanatic art lover or so(maybe a little) but the dream I had, about shoes, clothes, the common stuff. This work of hers sais: "Protect me from what I want." I didn't remember who made it so I tracked it at google. When I knew who she was again, I descided to share it with you all. This is because my blog normally is about things I like, things I want, art and that kind of stuff. This tells me not to want everything.

The work at times square is a projection that looks like an add. Normally, adds tell you about all the things that you ABSOLUTELY want, need or like. This add tells you not to. This is what I like so much about this work.

Jenny Holzer is an conceptual artist, this means that the thought in the work of art is more important than the beauty of it. A conceptual artpeace doesn't have to be beautiful. Jenny Holzer makes you think about something. Not only because her works consist an unnerving statements, but also because you can't deny it, you can't avoid them because, well, they're just there. In the subway, in the streets, everywhere, and you just see them. Her works are meant to stay in your mind during your day so that you figure it out later, as I did this morning. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Banksy is a British street artist. He works illegal and anonymous. He makes ironic wall paintings with a deeper purpose, for example about politics. At home he prepares templates so that he can work very fast and won't get cought. The statements are mostly anti-war, anti-capitalistic, anti-establishment and pro freedom. He is genious. He doesn't only bring you a message, he also makes people laugh.

He likes to nag the police a bit. Once he made a stamp that told people the wall which it was on was a graffiti area. Facing the police station. A couple of days later the whole wall was filled with graffiti. 

He also drew the Palestinian wall up.(look at last picture)  And he put his own art in museums. Google his name. He is amazing. And my new hero..:')

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ladies Run

The 10th of June is the date: the 'Ladies Run' will take place again. Ladies Run is an annual running event in Rotterdam. The profit of this event will be donated to Stichting Pink Ribbon. Pink Ribbon is a fund-raising organisation that asks attention for breast cancer. The organisation strives for the decreasing of patients, to encourage early diagnoses and to improve the care for patients and their fellows.

The previous year, over 6.000 women ran the Ladies Run. This year I'll join!

Summer Sweet

Summer Sweet

Street sellers

A couple of days ago I went to Rotterdam to do some shopping(off course..^^) and I found that I am the perfect victim for street sellers. There were many of them and they all stepped into me. Sometimes it helps to tell them that I am not eightteen yet, other times I get runned over by information of something I don't want, don't need and don't need information about.

During my stay in Egypt many people tried to sell me something. Or they tried to buy me but that's a whole different story^^. I am just wondering WHY they allways keep going whenever I say I don't need it. I mean, I have never ever bought anything that I didn't want in the first place, but suddenly needed when someone came after me to tell me I did really like it.