Monday, March 5, 2012

Jogging suits

Recently, someone asked me if I ever wear a jogging suit. I don't. I don't even have one. He told me how much he enjoyed wearing them when he had an off day. He also asked me why. Well, because I feel very unwomanly(what a stupid word) when I wear one. If I have an off day, I wear a jeans with a t- shirt I once bought but never actually wear, or something in that direction. He told me that there are many goodlooking jogging suits. Well, I've never ever seen one I like, or even considered buying one.

The sweaters aren't even the problem, there are many jogging sweaters that I love but I just hate the shape of the matching pants.
 Off course, there are nice workout clothes... But seriously, those are meant for working out, not for hanging out. When I wear those jogging suits I can't see the round shapes of my body anywhere. And I love woman who work their shape, so that's my style. Hey, I'm open for new things, but I don't believe I'll ever find one I like. I've been looking for it, Doutzen Kroes has her own collection: Repeat by Doutzen, designed for Repeat Cashmere.

Adidas makes some nice jogging suits, but still, I don't like the pants because I don't se a shape. And when I do, I know these are REALLY designed for working out, not for casual wear. So I looked at, where I found many lovely jackets but here again: I hate those pants.
I know for sure I look like a fool if I wear one and I JUST WANT TO LOOK GOOD, whenever people see me. So I guess those pants are just not made for me and I should go looking for a nice jumpsuit or something so that the people who want to see me in comfortable clothes will be satisfied..

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