Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Party difficulties

This weekend I met a lot of new people when I went to two parties where I didn't know anybody. Then I realised how difficult that is. It started as soon as people introduce theirselves to each other. I NEVER EVER know what people are going to do. Are they going to kiss me or are they just giving me a handshake? Sometimes people reach out their hand and you might think they're going to give you a handshake but they suddenly hugg you so your hand gets stuck between you and the other person, or if they're just giving you a greeting by saying their names and your hand is hanging in the open space between you. Awkward..
And if they make a start to kiss me, what way will they start? Left, of right? What do people normally do? And do I have to kiss one time, or two, or three? Even more difficulties are to find on parties with the stereo turned on. Whenever you introduce yourself, you'll have to move your head to the others' ear. But when you do(or the other one does that to you), you never know whether they're going to introduce themselves or going to kiss you. And what if it's a birthdayparty. Will people say their names, or just: 'congratulations'..? Or both? But that takes too much time, what makes you sound like a fool if you have to do the full round. It just causes a lot of confusion.
And then, you have only introduced yourself. Now you'll need to amuse yourself. So try to start a conversation with someone. Even in looking out for the right person to start a conversation with is a bottleneck because in most parties everybody knows everybody and you're an outsider that can't bump into one anothers conversation so you'll have to look for someone that's willing to start a conversation and not having one yet. Once you found that person another problem shows up: what the hell are you going to start this conversation with..? And how do you know whether it interests the other person or not? And what if they don't like the way you look..? Maybe I'd better stay home next time, you may think. But all this is perfect for connecting and stuff. After conquering this you'll feel just as proud as I do now. And you know? I met lots and lots of fantastic people this weekend and I had a couple if wonderful days so I'd do it all again!!
Edit: If you conquer all this above, you'll make the perfect party crasher..;)

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