Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ladies Run

The 10th of June is the date: the 'Ladies Run' will take place again. Ladies Run is an annual running event in Rotterdam. The profit of this event will be donated to Stichting Pink Ribbon. Pink Ribbon is a fund-raising organisation that asks attention for breast cancer. The organisation strives for the decreasing of patients, to encourage early diagnoses and to improve the care for patients and their fellows.

The previous year, over 6.000 women ran the Ladies Run. This year I'll join!

Summer Sweet

Summer Sweet

Street sellers

A couple of days ago I went to Rotterdam to do some shopping(off course..^^) and I found that I am the perfect victim for street sellers. There were many of them and they all stepped into me. Sometimes it helps to tell them that I am not eightteen yet, other times I get runned over by information of something I don't want, don't need and don't need information about.

During my stay in Egypt many people tried to sell me something. Or they tried to buy me but that's a whole different story^^. I am just wondering WHY they allways keep going whenever I say I don't need it. I mean, I have never ever bought anything that I didn't want in the first place, but suddenly needed when someone came after me to tell me I did really like it.

Marina Abramovic: Limitless

In school I follow art lessons and my teacher told me about a woman named Marina Abramovic. I think she is amazing. And a bit crazy. I'll explain.
She does this kind of experiments, she makes herself part of the work of art. She ís art, it's yours to descide what you do with it. She has coöperated with Ulay, a similar artist. In their coöperation they created 'artworks' with them in it.In anything they did, Ulay and Abramovic taxed their physical or mental endurance.  Once they stood in the door opening of the hall of a museum. Naked. All of the people had to pass them. But who will you face? They give you pure art; something you'll think about. An experience, something special.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Violent lipps

While surfing on the internet I found a site( that sells tattoos for your lips. It is amazing and I had no idea that it even existed.

So I looked further and there are many different kinds of lip tattoos. As I might believe   from youtube, it's very easy to apply so I might just go and try it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Volkswagen Commercial

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahw just saw this commercial:

My Pride: The best part;)

My Pride

In art class I got a very free command. I was asked to choose a subject to make at least five artpieces of. It should be something industrial so animals or fruits was not to be chosen. The materials allowed to be used were pen and ink, (color)pencil and waterpaint(?). But I am someone that can draw for example ONE bag and maybe two but then my interest is lost because I am constantly doing the same thing and I hate that. So I thought for a very long time and(also because I like drawing people) chose fashion illustrations. In this way I could draw anything I like and use any material I wanted. And actually, the results are very nice so I am proud of myself.

The giggles

There are many things you can do to disturb teachers. You could throw things through class, or keep playing with your mobile phone, but the best is getting the giggles. There is nothing that makes teachers as mad as other people laughing at them while they're trying to (orde houden) in class. In fact you're laughing in their face and it makes them feel like losers.
The bad thing about having the giggles is that there is no way to stop it. Especially not when you're not the only one. When something unexpected happens and you get the giggles with someone else there's no stopping it. No matter how hard you try, just look at the other person and you'll start all over again. Or make a sound, he'll start again and you won't be able to stay seriously. That's why it's the best way to get teachers(and other people too, by the way) irritated, they don't have any grip on it. So if you want to get the devil out of someone, just laugh in his face, HAHA!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I am guilty. I admit it. I am neglecting this blog. And the fact that I am in a bus in Egypt now doesn't change a thing about that. Except for the short of internet off course. I've seen such amazing things in Egypt so I'll make it up with you as soon as I get home(that'll be in 24 hours). I'll show you all the great things here in Egypt and the inspiration I found here for my style. Things are so different here. But just wait a bit longer and you'll see.