Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marina Abramovic: Limitless

In school I follow art lessons and my teacher told me about a woman named Marina Abramovic. I think she is amazing. And a bit crazy. I'll explain.
She does this kind of experiments, she makes herself part of the work of art. She ís art, it's yours to descide what you do with it. She has coöperated with Ulay, a similar artist. In their coöperation they created 'artworks' with them in it.In anything they did, Ulay and Abramovic taxed their physical or mental endurance.  Once they stood in the door opening of the hall of a museum. Naked. All of the people had to pass them. But who will you face? They give you pure art; something you'll think about. An experience, something special.

Once she sat in a room with all kinds of stuff on a table like feathers, a gun, a knife and a rope. People could do whatever they wanted because she was a work of art. People cut her clothes, they tried if she would stop if they almost pulled the trigger of the gun with her fingers but she didn't. I think it's amazing, very special. In America she sat down at a chair by a table. Anyone who wanted to could sit down in front of her and become part of the work of art. She ís just sitting there, looking at you, giving you an experience. Amazing. I can only imagine how impressive that is. Amazing.

Bearing sustained pain is a minor element of her work. In her performances she doesn't care about her body or mind, she just puts her body in the disposal of the public. Abramovic herself sais: 'Most people avoid anything that they experience as threatening or unknown. By doing these things you expand yourself for new experiences. We were hoping to pull people through that opening by showing them our performances.'

I could write a whole book about it..

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