Thursday, May 17, 2012

Street sellers

A couple of days ago I went to Rotterdam to do some shopping(off course..^^) and I found that I am the perfect victim for street sellers. There were many of them and they all stepped into me. Sometimes it helps to tell them that I am not eightteen yet, other times I get runned over by information of something I don't want, don't need and don't need information about.

During my stay in Egypt many people tried to sell me something. Or they tried to buy me but that's a whole different story^^. I am just wondering WHY they allways keep going whenever I say I don't need it. I mean, I have never ever bought anything that I didn't want in the first place, but suddenly needed when someone came after me to tell me I did really like it.

Once I was walking the street and some perfume seller pulled me into his shop. Well, I still smell all of the perfume he put on me. I think I smelled about 40 different perfumes. And he kept asking me what perfume I prefered. As if I smelled anything after the first two, or could even smell the difference. In the end I bought one very sweet that is much alike Sexy Graffiti by Escada and I hope with all my heart that I like it, haha.
I have bought two sfinxes, one bag, two perfumes, two perfume bottles and a waterpipe.

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