About me

Who am I? That's a great question 'cause I don't know the answer either, haha. I think the best way to find out things about me is just to read my blog as soon as I translated evertything that's on it. That might take some time so please forgive me. I love... so many things, please just read it on my blog, hihi.

I like to blog about things, people, art that inspires me. I love to shop(both internet and real-life), party, see friends, make art, go sporting and so on. I'm still figuring the hell out of myself and this blog is a sortof scrapbook showing the things I like.

I've been making this blog since the end of 2011 so it hasn't been such a long time and I'm still figuring out some things about it.

I hope to continue doing this because it makes me kind of happy. Now I'm gonna translate the rest so I'm off..


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